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When the rats came, we weren’t ready.

We’d let our guard down, thanks to the easy life on Magnetar. Breaking up bar brawls or throwing down on their luck gamblers out of the casinos is no way to train for an invasion.

But the rats were only the beginning – things soon got alot worse.

Within minutes of the Veer-myn erupting from beneath the surface, all inter-planetary communication was shut down. The space ports were closed, and shuttles were immediately grounded. Unaware of what was happening on the surface, a few shuttles were shot down by the orbital defences when they tried to clear the atmosphere.

I can still see the pieces of debris raining down on the streets below. It was carnage.

Magnus Corporation did its best to quell the hordes of Veer-myn swarming through the streets, but for every rat we shot, another two would emerge from sewer pipes or a shadowy alleyway. Every street became a death trap. Stores became makeshift forts. Homes became medical bays filled with screams.

When we saw the Enforcer dropships arrive in orbit, there were cheers from the troops. They were here to save us from the incursion.

The cheers soon caught in our throats and we watched in horror as the missiles fired on the space ports themselves. While the missiles rained down, so did leaflets telling us the unthinkable:

Containment Protocols had been declared.

No help was coming. The only option was to survive or die.

As the hours turned to days, word of more visitors to Magnetar were whispered among the troops.

Bizarre semi-aquatic aliens had been spotted in the harbour. Horrific test subjects had escaped from a facility in the Research District. Forge Fathers and Asterians were seen fighting in the Industrial District.

And all the time more rats spilled to the surface like ants from a nest.


I’m not sure who will hear this. I’m not sure I’ll survive. But let me tell you this: this is my planet and I won’t go down without a fight.


– Therese Washington RANGER LIEUTENANT, MAGNUS CORPORATION //audio signature capture//


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