Skirmishes on Forsaken Worlds

Build an elite Strike Team ready to enter a lethal Deadzone of the future. Competition is fierce and risks are high, scavenging for assets and loot in this exciting 2-player tabletop skirmish game!

Containment Protocol Initiated...

Welcome to Deadzone

Getting Started

2 Player Starter Set

How To Play

Check out our How To Play videos series for an introduction to the fundamentals of gameplay. Watch the first video here and head to YouTube for the full playlist.

Strike Teams

The various factions of them game send elite Strike Teams to fight across cities and worlds quarantined and erased from current nav charts. Once a containment protocol has been called, everything has a risk and a reward. Who will you lead into the Deadzone?

Strike Team Builder

Once you chosen which faction to play as, you can get started on your Strike Team list via our partnership with for the official Deadzone List Builder web app via the above banner.

Join the Community

Whether you’re looking to find local players, seeking events or you just want to share your latest Deadzone hobby, you can find like-minded enthusiasts from our community here. #DeadzoneIsLife


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