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Port District

Campaign: Magnetar


The arrival of the Nameless into the Magnetar conflict was surprising, but perhaps inevitable. ETCU scientists had reported no Nameless activity in the sector and there was nothing to indicate they were wrong. Yes, there had been reports of port workers going missing for several months before Containment Protocols came into effect and yes, some pleasure cruisers had sunk in mysterious circumstances. But drunk, rich people were always sinking ships off the shores of Magnetar.

However, when the Nameless made their presence known, the Port District quickly became one of the most dangerous regions of Magnetar. Perhaps keen to perfect the aquaforming technology the Nameless use to take over unwitting planets, the weather in the sprawling port district has become unpredictable, as the thrum of high-powered machinery can be heard below the waves surrounding the area. Now only the bravest enter the port, as they fight to discover the secrets of the Nameless’ ancient technology, or want to raid the cargo ships that have been left standing since fighting broke out.