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The product of a secretive research programme run by the Council of Seven, the men and women of the Enforcer Corps are the brutal hammer of the Council’s authority. Pervasive and super advanced nanite technology augments these soldiers to be better than the average human on every level, both physically and mentally. An Enforcer can run further, fight harder and think quicker than even the very best corporation veteran, and will follow whatever orders are handed to them without question or hesitation.

Complimenting their physical and mental perfection is the very best equipment and weaponry that the Council can procure. Armour which can stop all but the heaviest blows and impacts, weapons which combine pinpoint accuracy with deadly stopping power and vehicles built for speed and durability, combine with the natural aptitude of the Enforcers themselves to produce an unstoppable military force.

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In the Battle Ready section you’ll find key details to help get you started with this faction along with a starter Strike Team list (EasyArmy pdf).

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