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Usually living beneath the surface of occupied planets. It would appear that Veer-myn are capable of learning from and copying the behaviour and technology of other races. Their weapons are generally less effective individually than those of others, but they are nonetheless formidable enough. Much of their technology seems borrowed and heavily modified, and a great deal of it emits radioactive and other waste that would be quite toxic to humans. Whether they suffer similarly and just do not care or have some sort of natural immunity is unclear – certainly they seem unconcerned by the sort of toxins and poisons that would give humans pause. If they communicate, it is in ways that are unclear to others, and they certainly have never attempted to initiate any contact with other races.

They are not generally aggressive, but will fight viciously if provoked. Their presence in Deadzones is usually because they are the cause, the Council preferring to keep planets subject to a Veer-myn infestation isolated. However occasionally they either happen to live beneath the surface of a planet which is locked down for some other reason, or they are drawn to a Deadzone from elsewhere, though by what and for what purpose is, like so much about them, unknown.

Speed, numbers and hiding are the keys to success for the Veer-myn. Keep your models shielded with smoke grenades in round one, so you can sneak up, ready to unleash chaos in rounds two and three.

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In the Battle Ready section you’ll find key details to help get you started with this faction along with a starter Strike Team list (EasyArmy pdf).

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