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Magnetar City

Second Sphere Stopover

Magnetar City is like so many other cities spread throughout GCPS space. Nestled on the edge of the Second Sphere, it was often used as a stopover for corporation workers travelling back to the Core Worlds from the resource-rich planets of the Third Sphere. Typically, they would arrive with plenty of credits and leave with a lot less.


Planet: Magnus


Vermillion Lost

Located on the equator of the planet Magnus, Magnetar City was once used as a base for the Vermillion Corporation, a company that specialised in harnessing volatile resources from the gas giants dotted throughout the galaxy. Vermillion’s success quickly attracted businesses keen to capitalise on the wealth of its employees. Casinos, bars and other more salubrious establishing spread like a rash throughout the city. Even when Vermillion left – keen to no longer be associated with the reputation of Magnetar – the credits continued to flow through like a river.


Magnex Rising

With Vermillion gone, Magnetar grew and grew. Hab blocks continued to rise up, skimming the dark, thick clouds of the planet. Down at the surface, neon lights of venues pierced the shadows caused by the towering structures and food stalls jostled against each other to sell their wares. Eventually a new corporation, Magnex – made up of the most successful businesses on the planet – took over responsibility for management of Magnus and deployed its own security forces to break up bar fights, settle unpaid casino bills and generally keep the peace. Magnetar City, now a sprawling mass that dominated almost an entire continent, became a popular and well-paid deployment for GCPS forces. Typically, the worst a trooper would have to deal with would be a casino heist or unruly crowds at an OverDrive match.


All that meant that, when the Veer-myn came, Magnetar City simply wasn’t prepared.

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