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Week One Recap

The Deadzone Global Campaign has only been live a week, but we’ve been amazed by the results already flooding in. Almost 300 games have been played… so we’re already well on the way to beating the total number of games played in the previous Starfall campaign. Thanks to everyone that has taken part so far. Whether you’re playing at home, at your local club, or a store, we’re just delighted to see so many battles taking place.

Today we’ll have a quick review of week one, before unleashing a brand new location to mix up your games.


Enforcers got off to a particularly strong start at the beginning of the week. Going into the weekend, the Council’s bullies were way out in front, with the Veer-myn trailing just behind. Clearly the Council must be concerned about such a large infestation of rats!

Skip forward to today, however, and over the weekend the GCPS are staging a comeback, while the Asterians appear determined to get the situation on Magnetar under control.

Meanwhile it appears Mazon Labs have been content to keep their shadowy operations on Magnetar under wraps (at least until now… more on that in a moment), and the Nameless must be waiting for the weather to get a little damper. It is perhaps rather surprising to see the Marauders struggling with their results. Come on greenskins, you need to get involved.

What will this week bring? With the Veer-myn currently in second place, will the Progenitors send out more reinforcements or will the Enforcers continue to stamp out the insurgency? Remember, the outcome is in your hands.


Each week we’ll be unlocking a new location, which comes with its own (optional) special rules. This week the Strike Teams have infiltrated the mysterious Mazon Labs facility on the outskirts of Magnetar City.

Mazon’s operations on Magnetar have remained largely a secret until Containment Protocols came into effect and all hell broke loose. It’s not clear whether the ‘test subjects’ from Mazon’s labs escaped or were unleashed so scientists could collect more data but, no matter the cause, the resulting carnage has been undisputable within the Research District.

With the city now in chaos, the opportunity to get inside a Mazon facility is too tempting for some. The Rebs are desperate to expose the lies behind Mazon’s glitzy promotional holocasts, while the Asterians are keen to find out just how much Mazon scientists know about the origins of the Plague.

Unfortunately for anyone entering the facilities in this district, they’re likely to find hidden horrors driven mad by Mazon’s invasive experiments and keen for bloody revenge.

This new location also includes rules for AI-controlled Plague Victims. Now, you’ve got to deal with a rival Strike Team AND escape test subjects. Good luck! Hope you’re enjoying the campaign so, and stay tuned for battle reports direct from Mantic HQ. Who would you like to see face off against each other?

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