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The Firefight Begins

Final Warzone

Location: Central District

After the weeks since the battle for Magnetar first began, the Council’s lack of success to control the rampaging Veer-myn population had become something of an embarrassment. What’s more, the RebsCast networks were crammed with footage of Enforcers suffering humiliating defeats, while the Corporation-owned channels struggled to put a positive spin on the increasingly shocking imagery coming from Magnetar.



Typically a Deadzone is a black hole for information, with media channels and communications cut off as soon as Containment Protocols are declared, but Magnetar had been different. Citizens of the Second and even First Spheres were being forced to come to the realization that perhaps the Council was losing command of the situation. Thus the Council’s hand was forced into an overwhelming show of dominance. Some considered simply nuking the planet, but other more PR-savvy advisors recommended taking advantage of the seemingly constant stream of information coming from Magnetar. This was an opportunity for shock and awe tactics. A chance to show the full might of the Council.

Enforcer ships soon appeared in orbit, but this time it wasn’t just ground troops heading to the planet’s surface. Whole squads of Enforcer Operatives, Peacekeepers and Pathfinders were joined by Interceptors and dozens of Striders, while Jetbikes sped alongside them. The Council’s finest began readying their army on the edges of Magnetar Central. None would stand in their way and the Council’s dominance would be proven once and for all.

Or so they thought, such a show of force doesn’t come without consequence. The multitude of Veer-myn nests hidden across the planet exploded with experimental, but deadly technology ready to face this new threat and protect the brood. Meanwhile, the Asterians arrived originally as spectators to the warfare, but their efforts to maintain the galactic balance saw them dragged into the conflict and more Marionettes, Cyphers and Drones arrived to back-up those already on Magnetar.

Elsewhere, with so many Enforcers massed for battle, the Marauders had awful recollections of the massacre known as the Mandrake Rebellion. Keen for revenge, Marauder mercenaries arrived from across the galaxy, keen to prove they wouldn’t be so easy to extinguish this time. In a similar vein, the Forge Fathers are always determined to prove their authority over the galaxy, so the rumble of Sturnhammers quickly joined the sounds of battle on Magnetar.

Unfortunately, with these large numbers of fighters now gathering on the more open and expansive areas to the north of the city, the Plague was able to run rampant. The virus spread quickly and soon a host of terrifying, mutated  creatures joined the fray. This left the resident troops of the GCPS with just one option: defend the  planet and hope they would survive.

Back in the districts that were the previous heart of the battle for Magnetar, the Rebs, Nameless and the few Mazon Labs workers that remained on the planet, slunk into the shadows. They hoped that with the focus shifted to the north of the city, they would be left to score some easy victories while everyone else tore themselves apart.


The fight for Magnetar had entered its final days…



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