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The Firefight Begins

Final Warzone Location: Central District After the weeks since the battle for Magnetar first began, the Council’s lack of success

Week One Recap

The Deadzone Global Campaign has only been live a week, but we’ve been amazed by the results already flooding in.

Day 4 – Data Incoming

Containment Enforced! Location: Entertainment District The interceptors rushed down the wide avenues of the district like metal raptors descending towards

Day 1 – Lights Out

Day 1 – Location Revealed Location: Entertainment District This district of Magnetar is familiar to most inhabitants or visitors to

Magnetar City

Second Sphere Stopover Magnetar City is like so many other cities spread throughout GCPS space. Nestled on the edge of

Welcome & Schedule

Welcome to the Campaign   Welcome soldier to the battle for Magnetar City!   Since Containment Protocols were declared, the