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Day 4 – Data Incoming

Containment Enforced!

Location: Entertainment District

The interceptors rushed down the wide avenues of the district like metal raptors descending towards their prey. The payload of Operatives, Defenders, Peacekeepers and more being delivered to the surface was a common site in the opening days of Magnetar’s now present situation. Containment Protocols were applied and the Enforcers were here to see it done… and done right!  



Day 4 of the Magnetar campaign is underway and it’s time to let some of the early data loose! The link on the Campaign Hub page has been activated and will now direct you to the Campaign Charts page where you can track campaign progress and filter/view collated results data.


It’s been a really encouraging start to the campaign with a bunch of great data already submitted. It’s very early days though, so we can’t take too much from what the data is telling us – but there are some interesting snippets, more on those below.

The same goes for the fledgling charts section itself, as more data comes in and more users access that part of the website, we’re interested to see how it performs and what the user experience is like. Some tweaks and changes may still happen as the full campaign beds in and the data keeps on flowing. The data must flow!


NOTE: The data in the charts is not “real-time” but is updated regularly. Keep an eye out for Mantic Games comms or posts in the Deadzone Fanatics facebook group when particular points of interest or progress come up!

Campaign Progress

In terms of what the first couple of days data looks like, here’s some of the headline items:

  1. Enforcers have the early lead in terms of taking the Entertainment District (18.45% Faction Control)
  2. The Nameless appear yet to emerge in any real force (1.73% Faction Control)
  3. Forge Fathers have marginally been involved in the most battles (14.3% Faction Involvement)
  4. Rebs have the highest success rate in their battles (63.64%) but it’s a low % of total results received – good propaganda though!


Will the Nameless stir from the waters? Can the Enforcers press home their early advantage? Who is yet to show their hand in the battle for Magnetar?

Head over to the Campaign Charts page to see how your favoured faction is doing and which of your enemies need brought down a couple of notches.


As always, we’ll have more information and updates as the campaign moves along – so play your games, submit your results and continue to share your pictures, stories and experience with Deadzone and the Magnetar campaign!

Remember #deadzoneislife


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