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Day 1 – Lights Out

Day 1 – Location Revealed

Location: Entertainment District

This district of Magnetar is familiar to most inhabitants or visitors to the city. Bright lights and neon signs decorate the walkways of areas like the Curzon Strip and Energex Plaza for citizens in search of recreation and distraction. The normal bustle of the district ended abruptly when the rats came – replaced now by pockets of fighting between various factions seeking what wealth can be looted. With more Strike Teams on the way… will it be lights out for the once vibrant Entertainment District? 


It’s officially Day 1 of the Magnetar campaign which sees the 1st location within the beleaguered city become available to battle over. Check out the Tactical Map on the Campaign Hub to view more narrative behind the location and the optional campaign rules to use in your games. After enough data has poured in, we’ll have location specific charts available there too. Or you can just use this handy LINK to check it out now.


Results Submissions Now OPEN

We’ve also officially opened up the Result Submission form for you to begin entering the data from your games to stake your factions claim for the first location and Magnetar overall.

You can access the Result Submission form in 2 ways:


  1. via the main Campaign Hub page and using the “Submit Results” panel
  2. via the menu bar at the top of every page, under Campaign, there’s a “Submit Result” option


You don’t need to register for the website to enter results, but you do need to login. To learn more about the login details and the Result Submission process in general, check out the handy How-To Guide article HERE (also at the bottom of the Campaign Hub page).


We’ll have more information over the next week in regards charts and data to help you track the campaign progress in terms of faction performance and control, so stay tuned to the Campaign Hub and the Mantic Games blog for the latest Magnetar briefings.


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