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Welcome soldier to the battle for Magnetar City!


Since Containment Protocols were declared, the beleaguered city has attracted attention from all over the galaxy. Although billed as an ‘entertainment planet’, if you scratch below the glittering surface, there’s a much darker side to Magnetar that’s ripe for the taking.



Over the coming weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your faction and battle it out to take control of Magnetar’s various districts. Each week we’ll be unveiling a new district in the city to battle over with some (optional) narrative rules available for that location, before ending in a dramatic finale for the future of Magnetar.

Check out the schedule below for the starting dates for each week and get ready to play along and help us shape the story.


Campaign Schedule


Pre-Campaign:  13th May

Location 1 Revealed


Week 1: 16th May – 22nd May

Deadzone Campaign Launch

Deadzone Results Submission Opens


Mid-Week 1

Campaign Data on website goes Live


Week 2: 23rd May – 29th May

Location 2 Revealed


Week 3: 30th May – 5th June

Location 3 Revealed


Week 4: 6th June – 12th June

Location 4 Revealed

Note: This is the last week for Deadzone Results UPDATE: Extended for 1 more week


Week 5: 13th June – 20th June

Firefight Finale Launch

Final Location Reveal

Firefight Results Submission Opens


20th June

UPDATED: Deadzone Campaign Ends & Results Submission Closes

Firefight Finale Ends & Results Submission Closes


Post-Campaign: 20th June – 27th June

Data is compiled and Overall Results announcement


For the latest information and details on campaign progress, keep your eyes on the Campaign Hub for news and changes to the Theatre of Battle map. We’ll have more details about each week as they approach, aswell as regular updates on campaign progress through and how your battles are impacting Magnetar!


So, what are you waiting for? Grab your laser carbine and head to battle!


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